Bruno Tirone knows this well.

As the Founder, President and CEO of MRA International, Bruno created MRA International from a dream. With a dream, you must have a series of steps to realize this dream. As a 17-year-old who recently emigrated from Italy, Bruno took these steps from student, to television technician, to fixing word processors, to field engineer, to sales representative before starting his dream, MRA International in October 1999.

In 2000 MRA International started as a reseller for Compaq, of which was later acquired by HP in 2001. MRA’s expertise has always been in the public sector: K-12 schools and the State of New Jersey Department of Education were its first set of clients. In 2001, Bruno hired his first employee.

MRA cares about and knows its customers; they are an extension of the company. We spend time in their place of work, on the phone and in person with our customers. Our customers know who we are.

Your employees help you achieve your dream.

While MRA International was successful in its first few years, Bruno knew that as great as he was at being a sales representative, he wanted to grow. In 2005, a customer told Bruno, “We can no longer work with you. If you drop dead tomorrow, you would have no one else behind you that can help you.” So, in 2005, MRA grew with the hiring of a billing department, service and sales.

After all, customers are the lifeline of your dream.

In 2008, MRA had seven employees, but with the crash of Bear Stearns, Bruno knew that he had to change the way MRA was doing business and offer services in addition to IT products. It was this turning point where MRA started growing and becoming the business it is today. With 50 employees, MRA International had become a turnkey IT Service & Sales business servicing K-12 schools, government agencies, higher education and nonprofits.


Tech Data All Star Team Award by the Tech Data Corporation

Business Associate of The Year Award by the New Jersey Association of Counties

50 Fastest Growing Companies of 2013 by NJBiz


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