Our InterNETworking 2017 event was a huge success and we want to thank everyone who attended or participated in this incredible event.

Although a few topics were touched on by our speakers, one of the most critical was that of ransomware. Ransomware is a malware that allows hackers to find your data and encrypt it. Upon doing so, the hackers will then offer to give you the decryption key only if you agree to pay the ransom they have requested within a short amount of time.

In 2016, 49 percent of businesses fell victim to ransomware attacks, causing many to wonder if there really is such a thing as “cyber security.” Every hour, nearly 4,000 computers around the world become infected with ransomware and 60 percent of those attacks come to the network via email and malicious links or attachments. During the first quarter of 2016, 209 million dollars was paid to ransomware criminals by companies trying to retrieve their encrypted data.

Ransomware ends up costing a company a lot more than just the money they pay out of pocket to the hacker though. The opportunity costs are extremely high being that the average victim spends 42 hours trying to fix the incident. Furthermore, victims then should invest in new security systems and ways to back up their data so that a data breach does not end up occurring again. In a Ponemon Institute survey, it was revealed that lots of times companies won’t even mention the ransomware to law enforcement because they fear what that will do to potential revenue and new customers in the future. Furthermore, once a company has paid a cyber-criminal, it puts a target on their back for something like that to happen again.

Don’t Become a Victim

So how do you keep cyber criminals away from your important information? Do you, “just have to update your software” and ‘Poof, you’re all set? Absolutely not! Hackers exploit everything from email to user behavior to application traffic so that they can input their ransomware. If you do not have a comprehensive security strategy that allows you to secure these services and more, your company will very likely fall victim to an attack like this.

Barracuda Networks products can help your company detect, prevent and recover data should it face a ransomware attack. Barracuda uses multi-layer and advanced detection technologies that help eliminate ransomware threats before they even have a chance to enter your network system. Barracuda products include everything from web and email security to backup and disaster recovery. Threats to your data are not limited to hackers and cyber crime, but mother nature herself! Hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters all could do extensive damage to a computer network system.

If you want further information on Barracuda products or how to keep your company safe, please contact MRA International and one of our trusted sales representatives will be happy to talk to you about ransomware and cyber security. Let MRA help you with your strategy for security, data protection and application delivery.

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