On February 27, 2018, a packed room of IT professionals and education administrators had the great privilege to hear from many talented speakers at MRA International’s Power of HP 2018 held at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Eatontown, NJ. The feedback was tremendous, and attendees insisted this was one of the best groups of presentations at an MRA International event. If you couldn’t attend this year’s Power of HP, we have put together our major takeaways from the top presentations:
Elliott Levine – Garage to the Classroom Elliott Levine is an HP Distinguished Technologist and Director of Education for the Americas and we were honored to have him as our keynote speaker at Power of HP 2018. Elliott discussed the importance of embracing change especially in today’s competitive economy. He expressed that HP has discovered that taking the forefront in educational technology has played a key role in HP’s success as well as the successes of some of the best educational institutions. He explained that the educators should have tools in their toolbox and always have them accessible, as each situation may require a tool. Also, it is important to be willing to share those tools with others, to inspire them and encourage collaboration.
One of the key points in Elliott’s presentation was the importance of reinventing technology and using creativity to make your students’ learning environment most effective. For example, many virtual learning situations fail due to little to no opportunity to socialize, an over-reliance on asynchronous content, lack of class structure and a difficult interaction with teachers causing students to get lost in the crowd. Therefore, HP is developing a new virtual learning experience that is built with technology that is specific for school settings. Their educational products are built as strong and durable collaboration tools to empower the virtual learning environment, and to protect them as students travel from class to class and to their homes.
Elliott also discussed the importance of educating teachers on how to integrate technology into their classrooms. If planning to equip classrooms with the latest technologies, professionals should be aware of how to use those tools to improve and elevate their teaching techniques. Elliott’s speech provided the important message that incorporating educational technology into your classroom is important, but it is only effective when you do so correctly and creatively.
Jason Coppa – HP DaaS – Another presenter at Power of HP 2018, Jason Coppa, discussed how you can integrate Device as a Service (DaaS) in your district. Jason is an HP PS Service Partner Business Manager and he helps provide the right devices and services to properly manage your workload. We can all see the increase in demands in business environments, no matter the type of office or educational setting you’re in. There is a cost pressure to drive ROI, it is apparent that work styles are changing, and more people are working remotely, at least for a part of their day. Therefore, providing the right devices and properly managing those devices for your teachers and employees has become more challenging than ever before. That is where DaaS plays an essential role, helping to reduce about 38% of the IT workload.
HP’s DaaS is a one-stop solution that combines the latest hardware and lifecycle services to make a company more efficient, to improve employee experiences and to free up some IT resources to drive growth. The analytics and proactive management services also ensure that problems are fixed before they even occur. For each client, HP creates tailored DaaS plans for each school district’s needs in addition to other lifecycle services.
Dana Castro – Engaging Students to Design the Future HP and MRA International played a key role in installing the latest HP Learning Studio at the Graham Windham Foundation. Dana Castro, HP Global Education Solutions Professional, discussed how adding an HP Learning Studio to your school district can help students prepare for the workforce and college. Through this hands-on learning experience, students are encouraged to take an increased interest in STEM programs and engage, investigate and act on real-life problems. Dana explained that HP’s goal is to make the next generation global learners and in order to accomplish this, the learning studios inspire them to solve local and global problems, starting in Grade 2. This robust program facilitates virtual exchanges with other students from around the globe to improve their design and computational thinking skills.
Shannon Walker – IT Consumption As the latest technology comes out, our older assets are moved to retirement. Shannon Walker, an HP Financial Account Manager, discussed the ease of HP’s Asset Recovery Program from a budgeting standpoint. HP optimizes and manages the physical, financial and contractual aspects of all IT assets from implementation to retirement. There is a strategy for every budget that provides flexible investment solutions based on your district’s needs.We would like to thank everyone who attended this year’s Power of HP and everyone who helped to make this event a great success including these knowledgeable and enthusiastic speakers. If you are looking for more information on any of the products or services that MRA International and HP can offer your school district, please give us a call.