Stay Connected and Secure with HP’s A3 Printers

As the workplace changes, our technology needs change as well. We have an increased desire to be connected, versatile and reliable. With our increasing use and dependence on smart devices, shouldn’t we have higher expectations for our printing technology? At MRA International, we want our customers to only have the best in print quality, with printers that can connect to all our devices and, most importantly, serve as a line of defense against hackers and network intrusions. HP’s A3 Printer Line is leading the industry with the most versatile product at an affordable price.

Secure Printing that Recognizes Risks

Did you know that 60% of companies that were recently surveyed had a data breach involving printers? With nearly two out of three IT professionals expecting security threats to increase over the next three years, it is essential to recognize the potential risks that your organization may encounter. With more networked devices, hackers can have an immense impact on every device, from servers to smartphones. For IT professionals, it is impossible to monitor every networked device, but what you can do is equip your organization with devices that are set up to monitor the transferred communications for you. At HP, they recognize that printers pose a potential loophole in network security, so they’ve integrated features into the A3 Printer Line to transform networked printers into a strong line of defense against hackers. HP is at the forefront with the latest in printing technology built to protect your device, protect your data and protect your documents.

How It Works

Having the right software, hardware and firmware is the key to protecting your network. The HP A3 Printer Line comes with HP Sure Start technology that validates the BIOs code and ensures that only authentic code is loaded into its memory. This printer line runs real time detection to uncover the most complex hacking operations and uses HP JetAdvantage Security Manger to assess and remediate security settings. With built-in data encryption, firewall protection and native user authentication, your printer will assess and control what data is coming into your printer and prevents all unauthorized access. A3 printers ensure your documents don’t get into the wrong hands with PINs and pull-printing solutions that eliminate unclaimed prints which also reduces cost and waste.

Smart Printing that Maximizes Productivity

HP understands that to maximize productivity, they had to look at printer work flow and find ways to customize features for content creation, management and digitization. They’ve incorporated HP Capture and Route to allow work teams to control and track scanned content and distribute documents with a touch of a button, sending those scans to cloud-based repositories. If you find yourself following a similar workflow for various documents, HP’s Embedded Capture allows you to set up workflow templates to automate the process. The A3 Printer Line leads the way with extensive mobile printing capabilities, allowing you and your colleagues to print anytime and anywhere. With wireless direct printing and NFC touch-to-print, you can print from any device using a secure peer-to-peer connection.

Compatible with Google Cloud print, you can also print directly from your Google Account. As 88% of companies move onto a cloud software, HP is responding to their needs and incorporating software to evolve with your business.

Customized For Your Organization

At MRA, we aim to resolve the challenges that you face with your technology. We understand that each organization is different: different needs, different workstyles and different budgets. That is why we love the A3 Printer Line. We help you find products that are within budget and provide the solutions you have been looking for. With 16 new platforms and 50 unique models, we can help you find printers that match your workplace needs.

Improve your day-to-day functions so you can focus on what you do best. Contact an MRA International representative for more information about HP’s A3 Printer Line and how it can improve your organization’s workflow: