Securely retire your end-of-use devices with expert data erasure services, receive residual value, and help enable the circular economy for greater sustainability.

What is the HP Device Recovery Service?

The HP Device Recovery Service delivers a simple yet complete solution that includes the secure and sustainable re-purposing of your end of use devices and provides you with the residual value. It includes services to securely retire your end of use devices with logistics and expert data erasure services while providing cash back for your old HP or non-HP devices that can help offset the cost of a device refresh.

Get the secure data services you need for end-of-use devices.

Help protect your business and personal data with our services that include data erasure, logistics, and reporting.

Embrace sustainability.

Return your devices to HP for refurbishment and reuse or responsible recycling.

Recover the value of your devices.

Receive money for your returned multi-vendor devices and make device refreshes more affordable.


  • HP Device Recovery Partner, MRA International will pick up and pack your devices from a designated central location. You can also ship your devices to MRA International
  • All storage media data will be erased or destroyed per industry standards either offsite or optionally onsite
  • Fair market value of devices will be provided in the form of cash back
  • A Certificate of Data Sanitization and a Sustainability Benefit Report will be provided

Ensure your data is secure.

Rest assured our data security experts will render all device data unreadable using industry-standard erasure processes. Offsite, optional onsite, and other customizable services are available.

Get residual value for returned devices.

Start on the path to new devices when we give you a fair market value quote on your returned HP and non-HP devices based on hardware features, condition, and location. If there’s no residual value, we will responsibly recycle the device.

Help enable the circular economy.

Return your old devices to HP for a new purpose. We are committed to reducing waste and environmental impact through extensive reuse and recycling.


  • Secure Logistic Service – the standard service includes onsite pick, pack and shipping of the assets to an HP approved asset management company. Alternatively, you can self-ship the assets to MRA International’s Long Branch office. Optionally available are Expanded and Enhanced Secure Logistic Services.

  • Data Sanitization Service – offsite data sanitization is the standard service. Storage media data will be either erased or destroyed (if media cannot be erased) using latest data security industry standards. Optionally available is an onsite data sanitization service. Customers will receive a Certificate of Data Sanitization upon completion of the service.

  • Sustainability Benefit Report – You will receive a Sustainability Benefit Report showing the environmental benefits of the devices recovered.

  • Recovery Value – Fair market value of devices will be assessed, if any, and you will be provided with a quote on the residual value.

To learn more and request a quote, please contact us.