The risk is real when it comes to securing your devices. That’s why HP has developed cutting-edge security features that help protect your business from evolving threats, no matter where you are.

With HP security solutions, you gain the ability to work confidently and safely, knowing you have hardened security features on your HP device. There’s never been a better time to secure your devices, data, and identity with the world’s most secure and manageable printers and PCs — only from HP and MRA. Discover the unique features that make HP’s comprehensive approach so legendary for its users:

▶ The world’s most secure printing
HP Enterprise printers and MFPs can automatically detect, stop, and recover from an attack without IT intervention, with features like run-time intrusion detection and HP Sure Start. Other protections include encrypted hard drives, upgradeable firmware, and the ability to send security alerts to SIEM tools.

▶ The world’s most secure and manageable PCs3
HP Elite PCs help protect against the most common threats by securing below, in, and above the OS. HP Multi-Factor Authenticate strengthens identity protection, and the HP Management Integration Kit1 makes it simpler to manage security across the PC fleet.

▶ HP JetAdvantage Connect
Leverage existing IT network tools and policies to manage printing from smartphones and tablets while providing users with the ability to securely print as easily as from a PC—no app needed.

▶ HP Access Control
Restore control, reinforce security, and reduce costs by providing role-based print authentication, authorization, and secure pull printing capabilities across your organization.

▶ HP JetAdvantage Secure Print
Protect sensitive documents with cloud-based pull printing. Users authenticate at their chosen print location to pull and print their jobs.

▶ HP JetAdvantage Security Manager
Reduce cost and resources to maintain fleet security with the industry’s only policy-based print security compliance tool. Establish a fleet-wide security policy, automate device settings remediation, install and renew unique certificates, and create fleet-wide compliance reports.

For more information on how HP products can improve the workflow and security of your organization, contact the MRA team at sales@mrainternational.com or by phone at 732-222-0997.