With the ever-increasing risk of cyber-attacks, the European Union has taken a stand to protect their citizens’ data.  Starting May 25th, 2018, the European Union will begin to enforce the new General Data Protection Regulation that will affect organizations within the region as well as around the world.  Every organization in the world that collects any data from a citizen of the European Union must now abide by these new guidelines.  The GDPR institutes a comprehensive policy for data privacy regulations for EU citizens.  This new regulation aims to harmonize data privacy laws, protect citizen data and reshape how organizations approach data privacy.

These are the key changes that organizations across the world who collects data from any EU citizen, including government or educational institutions, must be aware of and must consider regarding their cybersecurity:

  • Any organization that holds personal data about EU residents must follow this new regulation, even if they are located outside of the EU. Therefore, if you offer goods and services to EU residents or you monitor the behavior of EU data subjects, you must now abide by these new regulations.
  • If any organization does not follow the new regulations, there are penalties of 4% of annual global turnover or €20 million for non-compliance.
  • There is a new level of consent needed from EU subjects before you collect their data. Organizations must request consent to collect data in an intelligible and easily accessible form and must provide the purpose of collecting and processing their data.

To obtain the proper level of security, your organization should consider next-generation cybersecurity.  With the increasing sophistication of cybersecurity threats, it is essential to enhance your protection with innovative technology to better prevent threats.  Cybersecurity solutions like SOPHOS provide a simplified security management system to control all threats and offer peace of mind that experts are ready to help you whenever necessary.

Depending on your organization’s infrastructure and size, there are a variety of options to protect your customers’, clients’ and employees’ personal data.  If you are handling a smaller volume of data, you want to make sure that you prevent any cause of data loss.  With Sophos Intercept X, Central Device Encryption and Sophos Mobile, you can prevent malware and ransomware on your devices and your network.  This solution keeps your data secure, even if a device is stolen.

If you are looking for an added layer of protection to stop data-stealing attacks before they reach your network, then adding the XG Firewall and Email Appliance, provides you with the most updated, industry-leading protection along with an outstanding user experience.  This layer of protection automatically blocks sensitive data in emails or encrypts emails to better protect data that travels in and out of your network.

For the highest level of protection, SOPHOS offers the SafeGuard solution to stop human error.  This solution keeps individual files secure wherever they go.  It is very useful for organizations that may have files leaving your secured network that you want to ensure only get into the hands of the right people.

Whether you are required to follow the EU’s new GDPR or not, it is important to keep your organizations’ data secure.  Don’t let a data breach ruin your community’s trust in you, your reputation or your entire organization.  To find out more about SOPHOS solutions, contact MRA International to learn how one of these solutions can provide you with peace of mind when it comes to cybersecurity.