How do you find the right technology for your needs?

It goes without saying that technology is an essential part of every modern business organization. But how does one go about finding the right technology infrastructure to support their needs? As technology continues to evolve, how do leaders and managers ensure they are keeping up with available technologies to operate their business efficiently?

MRA International helps businesses optimize the adoption, deployment and management of leading-edge technology, with a specific focus on public sector businesses and schools. They offer a variety of services and strategic solutions to meet the demands ​of administration and students in order to support growing businesses.

The key to MRA’s client success is loyalty and listening 

President and CEO Bruno Tirone says that the key to MRA International’s success is simply listening. “We don’t just sell an out the box solution. We listen to our clients and make sure we fully understand their needs and challenges before offering a solution. We also answer the phone!” MRA International’s team is loyal to their customers and truly believe in the solutions they’re providing. “We have mastered the task of aligning client needs to an appropriate and cost-effective solution.”

How MRA drives client success

When asked what drives his business’ success, Bruno highlights how every solution given to his customers is unique. MRA International takes pride​ in offering tailored and innovative solutions that can be implemented seamlessly without disruption.

Although many providers offer technology solutions, what makes MRA International unique is their process of business analysis and solution design. While many business functions seem the same across different organizations, every business has unique situations and challenges that if not properly addressed can cause friction and even failure of a technology solution. MRA International understands that for a solution to really work, you can’t just talk to the IT guys. You must work with the principal, business administrators, curriculum directors, and students to map out key ​challenges and design uniquely appropriate solutions.

Technology in the education sector and what needs to change

Schools need to meet the demands of the students with technology that personalizes the learning experience, adapts to different learning styles, and improves learning access and retention. MRA International’s CEO says that “we need to adapt to the lives of the kids because many schools are still teaching ‘the old way’. They must upgrade their tools ​and techniques to teach ​more effectively and improve the learning experience overall.”

The children of today will be the business-people of tomorrow. MRA International’s goal is to help improve the overall learning experience in order to create better opportunities and outcomes for every student. Change in the classroom is therefore essential. Many schools are using obsolete teaching techniques that alienate students from learning. MRA International specializes in immersive learning solutions that fascinate and engage student in the experience. From advanced computer labs to gaming arenas, MRA International designs learning environments that appropriately match immersive technologies and curricula, rather than just deploying technology for its own sake.

“Kids love interacting with each other and learn more when they are immersed in an experience. Introducing technology to your education toolkit allows students and teachers to learn from each other.” 

The biggest challenge we’re facing within the public sector is schools not adopting these technologies, however, with the help of HP, MRA International is sourcing solutions that are changing the face of education. They also offer professional development for faculty and staff so that instruction to the students is properly executed by administration when teaching with new technologies.

How HP is helping transform schools and their approach to innovating education

Tirone emphasizes that “HP has great products, especially for the education sector. You turn them on, and they work. They’ve been the leaders in the market for over 30 years and their solutions, particularly for education are excellent.”

HP’s most relevant products to the education sector include gaming arenas, 3D printers, workstations and stem labs that all contribute to ‘creating meaningful outcomes for every student’.

The passionate members of MRA International are excited about what the future holds for technology-based learning in the public sector. You can learn more about the team here, and their solutions here.