IT budgets are tight, and your school’s traditional revenue streams may not be enough to cover everything you’d like for the school year ahead, whether that’s starting a new computer science initiative or even updating old makerspace equipment. Fortunately, together public and private Grantmakers fund millions of dollars in education related projects each year.


MRA International works directly with certified grants experts to bring access to Federal, State and Foundation grants for school in order to fund Classroom Technology, STEAM and Computer Science Education initiatives.

By applying a consultative, solution-based approach, MRA gives schools the platform to go after targeted grants that fund STEM initiatives, while offering innovative product solutions to foster a new generation of learning. In light of these efforts, the MRA International team has notably earned the HP Education Solutions Partner First Specialization. With the certification, MRA continues to pursue strategic opportunities in K-12 and Higher Education STEM and Computer Science in order to make a positive change that ultimately brings new possibilities into the classroom.


Grants are part of the budget picture for nearly every public sector agency in the country. Even the most active grantseekers understand that there is funding they could use but don’t access, either because they are unaware of it or because they lack the resources to pursue it. MRA International is here to align you with the right resources to get you the help you need.

Grants provide a number of benefits to active grantseeking organizations, by:

Creating budget for important projects, equipment, personnel, and services

Enabling the development of new mission-driven initiatives

Facilitating collaborative relationships among community organizations

Empowering leaders within the organization to think broadly and creatively


MRA International is committed to getting schools “grant-ready”. Through partnership with certified grant specialists, MRA delivers Grant Research Opportunity (GRO) reports for schools interested in pursuing grants for education technology. The purpose of these reports is to identify the full range of grant opportunities that are available to support your project in K-12 or Higher Education.

By exploring grant opportunities for education technology, you will discover the following criteria towards each grant.

  • Total funding available – The size of the program gives you an idea how broad the program will be, and how competitive.

  • Application burden – Some programs require 100 page narrative, while others may look for 10 or fewer.

  • Matching requirements – Some programs require a dollar for dollar match, while others may require a 5% match or no cost sharing at all.

  • Scale – You don’t want to write 100 $5,000 requests to get your $500,000 project funded, nor do you want to commit to a lot of extra activities that you didn’t intend for a huge grant, just to get what you needed.

  • Collaboration/partnering requirements – Consider what new partnerships the grant will require.

  • Lead time – More lead time generally equals more time to develop the project and articulate that in the grant application. Six weeks is good, and three weeks is almost essential.

  • Track record with the funder – Generally more important or local funders than federal sources, past experience with a funder is a consideration, nonetheless.


If you’re new to grant-seeking or simply eager to start planning your school’s IT funding strategy for the year ahead, you will find benefit in reaching out to set up a consultation. One of our Grants Development Consultants will be pleased to help get you started on your journey.


It is within MRA’s mission to help schools in New Jersey get the funding they need in order to enhance educational settings for all students. Contact us today to learn more about integrating HP Education Solutions into your learning initiatives.