The nature of work is changing – collaborative working, non-routine schedules, and a workforce that expects to work anytime, anywhere.

As a result, organizations are adjusting their physical and technology designs to accommodate this new style of working. The shift to mobile has changed how we think about enterprise networking. It has also been the driving force behind Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Aruba joining forces to create simple ways to provide new services and manage our networks.


MRA International is an authorized E-rate Partner.

We harness our powerful partnership with HPE Aruba Networks to provide K-12 schools and libraries with industry-leading networking solutions on state contract. We deliver IT solutions that empower organizations to serve our Gen Mobile — tech-savvy users who rely on cloud-based business apps for every aspect of their work and personal lives.

The US E-rate funding program is administered by USAC (Universal Services Administration Company) and overseen by the FCC that provides money for network connections. Funding covers two primary classes of service, Catergory 1 (External Connections; WAN, ISP, Telecommunications) and Category 2 (Internal Connections; LAN/WLAN Products and Services). Aruba’s offerings fall under Category 2 requests.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the IT industry, MRA International is proudly renowned for serving as a trusted and leading technology expert specializing  in the unique needs of the public sector.

Customers want choice. Aruba’s design approach has always been edge-in vs. network-out, securely connecting users, devices, and things from the edge to the core. Aruba’s mobile-first approach optimizes for the digital workplace. With an integrated wired and wireless access layer portfolio, secure IoT support, and advancements in network management and security solutions, Aruba is ready for your mobile-cloud world.

By offering a solution to accessible telecommunications and broadband, we are empowering the learning experience in K-12 schools for students, teachers, and administration. We are here to help schools and libraries adopt technology improvements with confidence and support new initiatives.

We understand your IT pain points and challenges: growth of mobile and IoT devices, lack of trained IT staff, funding, and instructional innovations.

We want to help solve these issues by enabling interactive learning environments, eliminating lost learning time, enhancing efficiencies and savings, and improving campus safety.

Secure, gigabit Wi-Fi is just the tip of the iceberg. Aruba’s portfolio redefines the concepts of networking and the shift from the fixed, static client-server model of the past decade, to a software-based approach that enables seamless and secure access to cloud-based apps from any devices, any location.

End-to-End Access and Security Solutions:

  • The Aruba 8400 core and aggregation switch
  • Aruba 802.11ac wireless access points
  • Aruba Mobile First Platform
  • Aruba Location Services & Asset Tracking
  • SD-Branch

The portfolio provides the scale and flexibility for the most demanding data centers, the intelligence and context-aware attributes needed for the digital workplace, with the simplicity and ease of operations designed for even the smallest business. The results are dramatically improved productivity and lower operational costs.

Explore industry-leading E-rate Solutions with the Public Sector’s Premier Technology Provider

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