Original HP Ink cartridges are engineered, manufactured, and tested to deliver outstanding quality.

Behind Original HP Ink cartridges are hundreds of hours of testing and years of engineering and development. HP’s goal is to provide customers with printing experiences that amaze and photos that stand the test of time.

From the plastics in the body, to the dyes and pigments in the inks, every component of an Original HP Ink cartridge is carefully selected and tested by HP scientists to deliver optimal print quality and reliability.

Getting ink printing down to a science
HP engineers and chemists fine-tune Original HP Inks to work with your HP printer for optimal performance and quality. The software inside every HP printer coordinates how ink is placed on the paper —ink droplet size, number of simultaneous droplets, color levels, grayscale values, and more.


Calibrated to work at every speed
HP printers offer up to three different print modes to meet all your daily printing needs. The printheads in Original HP Ink cartridges are designed to eject the perfect amount of ink at just the right time and place.

Helping preserve your warmest moments
To expel a drop of ink from the printhead nozzle, the ink is exposed to a microscopic heater that achieves a temperature of up to 572° F (300° C) for 1.5 microseconds. This technology consistently produces crisp and accurate prints.


Premium ink ingredients
Original HP Ink is composed of carefully balanced ingredients and is formulated for optimal print quality. It features components to keep the ink from clogging the printhead, dyes or pigments for true colors, surfactants to help ink interact with the paper for legibility, and controlled viscosity for consistent drop formation. The technology in each printhead places about 1 million drops of ink per second—that’s 2,000 times faster than the blink of an eye!


HP printers and Original HP Inks produce sharp black text and vivid color graphics and images on a wide range of papers, from plain office papers for everyday use, to HP Photo Papers for high-quality prints.


Driving innovations in ink technology
Development of new Original HP Inks, cartridges, and printheads involves multiple stages of design and testing. In fact, up to 1,000 prototypes may be created and tested before a new design is released, helping ensure that you get the highest-quality product possible.

Quality at every stage of development
HP’s dedication to manufacturing quality all begins with a multi-step Quality Assurance process—all cartridges are tested as they come off the production line to confirm that each and every one meets HP’s quality standards.

HP Procurement engineers work with Research and Development engineers to determine the characteristics needed for each element of the ink cartridges and then work with HP suppliers to maintain strict quality standards.


Free, easy cartridge recycling
Easily recycle your used Original HP Ink cartridges through HP Planet Partners. Keeping plastics out of landfills Today, more than 80% of Original HP Ink cartridges are manufactured with recycled content.

HP uses recycled plastic bottles collected in Haiti and from other sources in the manufacturing of Original HP Ink cartridges.3 This effort helps to create sustainable jobs, brings opportunity to the people in Haiti, and helps prevent plastics from reaching the Caribbean Sea. For more information on HP closed-loop recycling and our efforts in Haiti, see hp.com/go/Rosette.

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Get all the brilliant scientific innovations from decades of leadership in the inkjet printing industry are found right at your fingertips in Original HP Ink.

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