Through applied research with university partners, HP is driving thought leadership in higher education, and linking technology for blended reality with next-generation teaching, learning, and research.


Help students become more successful and engaged by empowering their nomadic, connected campus lifestyles. A range of powerful analytic tools can ensure they’re on track academically and socially engaged in your campus community. Reinvent education for the students of today and tomorrow with immersive and interactive learning tools:

• Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
• 3D Print
• Blended Learning


Faculty and TAs gain the tools to differentiate instruction and personalize feedback. Amaze researchers with incredibly powerful Z Workstations and the latest VR and 3D technologies. Equip leaders with a focus on planning and total access to content to be connected:

• Teaching
• Researching
• Collaboration


Creating safe, secure, and green campuses:

• IT security
• Managed print services
• Public computing


Contributing to vibrant and engaged communities:

• Digital curricula
• Town and gown
• Alumni engagement


Forming modern and open spaces for immersive learning and collaboration:

• Campus foundries
• Alternate realities
• Capture, scan, remix


HP was born on a university campus, and HIED is an important part of their DNA. They are committed to furthering innovation in classrooms through collaboration with some of the world’s leading universities, as they aim to expand their worldwide influence and research in 3D Printing, Extended Reality (XR), and other technology while helping university campuses improve learning outcomes and increase operational efficiency.


HP and top universities across the globe are working to blend the lines of technology and reality, create spaces for imagination to take flight, and achieve maximum benefits for higher education megatrends areas:

  • STUDENT SUCCESS: Graduation Engagement Employability

  • ACADEMIC REPUTATION: Attracting students, faculty, grants, and funding

  • OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: Low TCO for assets and management

  • MANAGING RISK: Avoiding costly security disasters

Campus of the Future

HP is helping institutions conduct pioneering projects in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality using technology that revolutionizes interactivity and creativity. From 3D Structured Light Scanners to the amazing HP Sprout Pro, HP leads the way from 2D to 3D for campuses.

Create amazing, immersive, and engaging learning spaces from campus foundries powered by HP Jet Fusion and HP Indigo technology to blended reality collaboration spaces powered by Sprout Pro.

Create sustainable, efficient facilities through power and supplies management for desktop, workgroup, large format, and 3D printers. Welcome visitors with large-format displays and boldly designed premium all-in-one PCs. Re-engage alumni with exclusive offers on HP technology where a portion of the sale is contributed to your institution’s endowment.

Online gaming is now a televised sport. Campuses all over the world now have intercollegiate eSports teams. Whether you’re a sponsored gaming pro or a first-year student taking a break from homework, HP OMEN delivers the goods.

Student affairs have evolved. Give your students pro-level eSports experiences using OMEN PCs and HP-designed arenas. Take on rival schools in Overwatch™ or League of Legends™ using state-of-the-art gaming tech designed for universities.

Unleash the power of OMEN on your campus. From 20-node starter clusters to pro competition-ready 120-seat arenas, HP can bring eSports to your campus. Available through a variety of purchase programs, including campus stores, these OMEN PCs are a top choice for the twenty-first century undergrad.

Products and solutions

The Campus of the Future is powered by a range of technologies that make campuses more productive and collaborative, while helping reduce cost and security risks. From PCs to 3D printers, HP’s portfolio of products supports campus innovation and affordability. Contact MRA International for more information.