Security threats can come from just about anywhere, at any time. In other words, everything’s fine – until something happens. The risk of data breach is greater than many believe, as hackers are able to locate and exploit vulnerabilities instantaneously, without cause.

What we need is a multilayered approach to security that protects every possible entry point. With HP technology, you have access to reliable security against nonstop, evolving threats, around the clock. Consider these questions to prepare yourself for the threat of a data breach.

Did you know that most security breaches can be prevented?

HP builds security from the inside out, with a level of resiliency that competitors cannot match. Our unique approach is founded on hardware-based security, which is built-in and integral to HP’s PC and printers.

How new are your PCs and printers?

If your printer or PC is more than 4 years old, there is a significantly higher risk of breach. Unprotected hard drives
without advanced encryption could leave your data exposed to threats.

Is your security solution manageable?

HP develops and delivers end-to-end services and management tools to protect your fleet of printers and PC across your organization. When it comes to your devices, it is optimal that you have the right security features to keep your organization protected. HP has a well thought-out strategy and portfolio of solutions to protect documents, devices, identity, and data across the range of the Print and PC hierarchy.

Do you have a security solution that protects all entry points?

Online viruses and malware could tempt unsuspecting users into downloading a security threat. Both printers and PCs are potential opportunities for your security to be compromised and must have the most up to date hardware and software security features. Adware preloaded by some computer manufacturers may leave your notebook vulnerable.

HP EliteBooks

Choose industry-leading measures designed to help you protect, detect, and restore.

HP Client Security is built into HP EliteBooks to safeguard your business against outside threats.

It’s all part of our comprehensive approach. Keep your device, data, and identity protected from the moment you start up your HP EliteBooks. Contact the MRA team for more information on how HP products can improve the workflow and security of your organization: or call us at 732-222-0997