Cybercrime can happen in any setting, at any time. Ransomware resulted in $1 billion in revenue from criminals last year alone.  With an increase in virtual environments, professionals must provide multiple layers of cyber security to protect against an attack.  We have put together a list of three products to better protect your organization from cybercrime:

HP EliteBook with SureView

To protect against over-the-shoulder attacks, we recommend the HP EliteBook equip with SureView.  The HP EliteBook 840 G3 and HP EliteBook 1040 G3 come with built-in privacy screens, so you can work confidently from any location without the fear of data on the screen being exposed.  Unlike attachable screen filters, you can still easily share your screen with colleagues without having to remove a filter.

SureView is an innovative system and LCD module uniquely designed to achieve its function.  When you turn on privacy mode, the laptop’s visible light is reduced by up to 95% when viewed at an angle.  To enter privacy mode, you use FN + F2 and you are quickly set to privacy mode, with no additional tools necessary.  There are also switchable privacy modes to allow you to choose from the highest level or to adjust the privacy level based on what you need.  SureView can also provide additional battery life based on the amount of time that it is enabled.

Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection

To protect against ransomware, malware and advanced cyber-attacks, you need a comprehensive service for cutting-edge protection.  Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection is a cloud-based service that provides in-depth defense against cyber-attacks.  The BATP provides multiple layers of protection including: advanced threat signature, static code analysis, behavioral and heuristic analysis and comprehensive sandboxing to provide an accurate detection of a variety of attacks.  Alone, these services are not enough.  But together, they move data through levels and detect attacks quickly and with minimal delays.

In addition to the layered protection, BATP is integrated with Barracuda’s security solutions to protect specific threat vectors such as web, users, network, email and applications.  With emails having the highest risk, a gateway firewall may not be enough security, especially if your employees are working virtually and with dispersed networks.  With new attacks being developed constantly and with their growing sophistication, it is vital to have data on the most current threats.  The BATP is automatically connected to the global threat intelligence network that gathers threat data from diverse sources to provide real-time protection.

HPE Gen10 Server Security

With the world’s most secure industry standard servers, the HPE Gen10 Servers provide a new security foundation to protect against malicious threats that target server firmware.  These servers provide you with public cloud infrastructure and DC systems, data storage and backup, network access for the Intelligent Edge, and supply chain.  This integrated system provides maximum server performance, security, reliability and efficiency to support any organization.

The cloud structure provides the economics and flexibility of public cloud with the security and control of an on-premise infrastructure.  The mission-critical systems can run large transaction processing, batch processing and database and analytics applications.  With an extensive portfolio built around HPE Integrity, the servers run HPE NonStop, HP-UX, OpenVMS, Linux, Windows and VMware.  The HPE Integrity Superdome X is already supporting companies in the global manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, healthcare and financial services industries, proving that they can handle critical business processing and analytics workloads while protecting sensitive data.  The foundation is complete with HPE Pointnext which provides advisory, professional and operational services to enterprise customers.  The HPE Gen10 Servers transform hybrid IT environments and enable transformation from edge to core to cloud.

If you are looking for more ways to protect against attacks, join our webinar, “Ransomware, Phishing and APTs – Avoid Falling Victim to These Attacks” on November 9th at 12:00pm EST.  This session will examine the current cybercrime landscape and how these threats impact your business, as well as best practices on how to defend against an attack and mitigate your risks.